Gone By Lunchtime

Episode 6: Andrew Little naked, the immortal Winston, the Māori King & more

September 6, 2016

What will Annabelle Lee do when she sees the Labour leader nude on a rug? How will elitist lickspittle Ben Thomas insult Winston Peters? How much fake cocaine will Toby Manhire snort? All these questions answered in a new Gone By Lunchtime.

The Spinoff's unrivalled monthly politics podcast returns with a deep audio dive into the pool of truth. Joining Toby Manhire are journo-turned-political-adviser-turned-PR-flak Ben Thomas and Annabelle Lee, the boss of everyone at the country's leading current affairs television programme, The Hui.

On the agenda: sushi, Winston Peters, cocaine, Andrew Little on a rug, runaway Labour staff, runaway Kevin Hague, Winston Peters, the Maori King and Labour, Tuku Morgan, Winston Peters, John Key descending on the UN, Winston Peters and Winston Peters.