Episode 6: Andrew Little naked, the immortal Winston, the Māori King & more

September 6, 2016

What will Annabelle Lee do when she sees the Labour leader nude on a rug? How will elitist lickspittle Ben Thomas insult Winston Peters? How much fake cocaine will Toby Manhire snort? All these questions answered in a new Gone By Lunchtime.

The Spinoff's unrivalled monthly politics podcast returns with a deep audio dive into the pool of truth. Joining Toby Manhire are journo-turned-political-adviser-turned-PR-flak Ben Thomas and Annabelle Lee, the boss of everyone at the country's leading current affairs television programme, The Hui.

On the agenda: sushi, Winston Peters, cocaine, Andrew Little on a rug, runaway Labour staff, runaway Kevin Hague, Winston Peters, the Maori King and Labour, Tuku Morgan, Winston Peters, John Key descending on the UN, Winston Peters and Winston Peters.


Episode 5: Auckland, Māori Party vs Helen Clark, kiwifruit and sheep

August 3, 2016

Parliament may be enjoying the longest recess of all time but the Spinoff's Gone By Lunchtime podcast is 100% sitting, friends. Joining Toby Manhire in the futuristic audio-pod are Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas

Among the fat being chewed: Auckland Unitary Plan adventure (but only briefly; if you like that sort of thing, there's more UP-podding here), the Māori Party utu-treachery-treason over Helen Clark's bid for the UN top job, the prospects of Māori-Mana Party unity breaking out, Todd McClay's apology to the PM over steel and kiwifruit and that so-called "trade war" with China, Saudi sheep, (non) legal threats and Murray McCully, and the David Bain (non) compensation.


Episode 4: the Brexit effect, Paula Bennett’s bad month and Hone Harawira’s return

June 28, 2016

By Jove, it's only the hotly anticipated return of Gone By Lunchtime, the Spinoff's epoch-defining politics pod with Annabelle Lee, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire

The Gone By Lunchtime podcast team has been roused from its slumber to fearlessly tackle the big political topics of the day/week/month/etc.

Equipped with nothing but Lemsip, ginger beer, some decidedly odd tasting strawberry champagne flavoured Tim Tams and their cold-addled wit, Spinoff politics editor Toby Manhire, The Hui producer Annabelle Lee and Exceltium man Ben Thomas talk Brexit, Winston Peters, Paula Bennett under pressure over housing, Te Puea Marae, Simon Bridges, Hone Harawira's return, the Shewan review of trust laws, and the Lindauer paintings on shower curtains.


Episode 3: Key and NZ as tax haven, Labour’s woes, and Helen Clark UN bid

May 27, 2016

Going off like a frog in a sock, the third edition of the Spinoff politics pod, featuring Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas with Toby Manhire

A brand new Gone By Lunchtime is here – unless you’re reading this some time in the future, in which case it will no longer be brand new. On the slate: John Key, the Panama Papers, and a U-turn on reviewing foreign trusts; the continuing struggles of NZ Labour Party as it approaches its 100th birthday; and Helen Clark’s campaign to become the secretary general of the United Nations: not as universally popular in New Zealand as some seem to think.

All that, along with ruminations on the craft beer scene and songs about special rapporteurs and changing nappies, on Gone By Lunchtime.


Episode 2: Pharmac, the flag and the Auckland shambles

May 27, 2016

In the second installment of Gone By Lunchtime, the Spinoff’s politics podcast, Toby Manhire is joined by Annabelle Lee, producer of The Hui, and Ben Thomas of political PR company Exceltium to discuss Ranginui Walker, Judith Collins and gangs, Pharmac, the flag, and Auckland’s unitary woes. Oh, and John Palino, naturally.


Episode 1: the Key at Waitangi will-he-won’t-he, TPP and leader speeches

May 27, 2016

In Gone By Lunchtime, the Spinoff’s new politics podcast, Toby Manhire is joined by former Native Affairs producer Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas of political PR outfit Exceltium to discuss the Waitangi kerfuffles, the trade deal row, state of the nation speeches from the four main party leaders, and home baking.