Fire in the debate disco, fiscal holes and child poverty surprises

September 5, 2017

Annabelle Lee, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire weigh up the first big Bill English v Jacinda Ardern clashes, the shock National target on child poverty, the claims of a massive hole in Labour's numbers and the poll convulsions. 

Advance voting opens on Monday, and election day is less than three weeks away. Burning hot with debate fever, the Spinoff Gone By Lunchtimers take stock.


Winston Peters latest to be engulfed in election perma-scandal

August 29, 2017

Was this the feted mother of all scandals? Is it the bastard son of Dirty Politics? How many of Bill English's children were on the stage at the National launch? Is Bob your uncle? This and more in NZ's top genealogy-based election podcast.

Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas take a moment's pause from gaping at the news headlines and social media hyperbole-parody to weigh up the latest chapter in a scandal-bedeviled campaign, as Winston Peters and his pension overpayment transmogrifies into a controversy about the no-surprises policy and anonymous tip-offs.

Plus: Billmania as the National Party campaign launches, a review of the minor party leaders' debate and a preview of the big kids' debate on Thursday.

Listen now before it's completely obsolete.


A classic hits election with one month to go

August 23, 2017

The very latest from the Ardernified election campaign, which has claimed yet another leader resignation.

Fresh from having read all 140 pages of the Prefu just minutes after it was published, Annabelle Lee, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire rest their chins upon their fingers and analyse the issues of the moment.

How is National coping with the Labour momentum under Jacinda Ardern? Is Labour's position on tax a bit crap? How will we remember Peter Dunne? Does anyone give a flying fuck about Gareth Morgan? And just how nighmarish a metaphor can Ben Thomas conjure up to explain what Labour has done to the Greens?


Politics podcast: Greens post-Metiria, return of the bootcamp and war with Australia

August 15, 2017

As the breakneck pre-election pace continues, the Gone By Lunchtime committee convenes to discuss the big issues such as cabbages. With Ben Thomas marooned in Wellington, Duncan Greive pod-hops to join GBLT's Toby Manhire and Annabelle Lee, but we do take a moment to call and sing him a song.

With Metiria Turei having resigned, the Green Party is trying to start over, at once moving on and holding tight to its talismanic former co-leader. We talk that through, as well as the National Party's return to law'n'order tough talk: how does that square with evidence-based social-investment thinking? And how about Labour's water policy?

All that, and more, including Duncan's confession to becoming absorbed in ACT leader David Seymour's new book, and a long Sopranos analogy.

NB Recorded Tuesday at 1pm, shortly before Aussie foreign minister Julie Bishop launched a broadside at NZ Labour. 


Labour so blissy, Greens so messy, English so texty

August 8, 2017

Stop the election bus for just one second, please. Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas have new Gone By Lunchtime podcast and it will probably be overtaken by events any moment.

Two third-term Green MPs have in effect jumped ship, saying Metiria Turei is not fit to lead the party. Will that torpedo the party, will it help or hinder a Labour Party re-energised by the Jacinda miracle? What about Bill English's mysterious deleted texts? And just generally, what the bejesus is going on with this election?


Emergency politics podcast: Andrew Little gone by brunchtime, cometh the hour of Ardern

August 1, 2017

The Spinoff's Gone By Lunchtime trio frantically gather their thoughts following the exit of Labour leader Andrew Little, who has been replaced by Jacinda Ardern, with Kelvin Davis as her deputy, with just over 50 days to an election.

Within seconds of watching Jacinda Ardern conduct her first press conference as Labour leader, Toby Manhire, Annabelle Lee and Ben Thomas bundle into the studio to chat. The disastrous polls, Andrew Little's bizarre decision to announce that he'd been thinking of resigning, the flurry of activity leading up to today's caucus meeting, the Little legacy, the new pair's debut peformance, the Winston factor, and what it means for those accursed billboards: all that, together with a rare insight into Ben Thomas's erotic fantasies.


Metiria Turei’s Winz confession, Labour’s alt-budget and the Māori seats

July 26, 2017

With less than two months to polling day, Annabelle Lee, executive producer of The Hui, returns to the GBLT pod salon, joining Ben Thomas of Exceltium and Toby Manhire of the Spinoff to discuss the Green co-leader's headline grabbing admission of benefit fraud, the contrast with tax evasion, Labour's alternative budget proposition, and, inescapably, the latest manoeuvres of the Winston Peters bus.

And in open defiance of the schooling from professional broadcaster and Guy Williams, guest star of the last pod, the confectionery remains, with all its sonorous slurping and spluttering.


Winston the racist rock star, Gareth Morgan’s own goal, and Guy likes the Greens

July 13, 2017

After the best thing about Gone By Lunchtime gets tied up with actual work, three white men finally sit down to talk politics and whether or not some of them should be allowed to talk politics.

Toby Manhire is joined by Ben Thomas of Exceltium and Guy Williams of televised comedy to discuss the Green’s attack on New Zealand First, Winston Peters as rockstar or racist, Labour’s new families package, and whether those who work in politics or PR should be enlisted for political punditry.


The Gory saga of Todd Barclay, Labour’s intern storm, and Hone Duterte

June 28, 2017

Loaded to the eyeballs on performance enhancing mint chocolate, the Gone By Lunchtime beat combo pick over the remains of a momentous week in New Zealand politics.

As the election build-up lurches through the gears, Toby Manhire is joined by Annabelle Lee, executive producer of The Hui, and Ben Thomas of Exceltium to discuss the scandal that led to Todd Barclay's resignation as National candidate for Clutha-Southland and the resulting mayhen that threw Bill English's "delivering" conference plans into disarray, as well as the volunteer fiasco that enveloped the Labour Party, the relentless march of Winston Peters and Mana leader Hone Harawira's call to execute P importers.


Blighty ripples, immigration debate, and Sir Knight Sir John Sir Key

June 13, 2017

The Gone By Lunchtime team returns, with more hot takes than a jalapeno thief.

In the latest medium-intensity-hitting Spinoff politics podcast, Toby Manhire is joined by Annabelle Lee of The Hui and Ben Thomas of Exceltium to sigh, pontificate and radio-jingle on a range of subjects including a dramatic UK election and what it means for New Zealand, Labour's freshly unveiled immigration policy, the knighting of former PM John Key, the budget (yes, it's been a while) and what's up with Ngapuhi and the crown.